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University of California Nursery and Floriculture Alliance
The University of California Nursery and Floriculture Alliance (UCNFA) aims to serve the educational needs of the various agricultural production industries in California that produce greenhouse ornamental crops and outdoor nursery products.

is a periodic publication focusing on issues and new research in subject areas of interest to the nursery and floriculture industry.

Past Issues of UCNFA News

Issue Articles Type Date Added


JPG 9/10/18
Summer 2017 Edition Volumen 21. issue 1 (5,003KB) PDF 8/4/17
UCNFA News Summer 2016 Volume 20 issue 2 (2,576KB)

Sanitation is the focus of this newsletter issue and is the first part of a multiple-part series on IPM.

PDF 8/25/16
UCNFA News Spring 2016 Volume 20 issue 1 (5,807KB)

This newsletter issue focuses on emerging horticultural technologies for growing plants in highly controlled environments.

PDF 1/6/17
UCNFA News Winter 2015 Volume 19 issue 3 (4,618KB)

This newsletter issue provides helpful tips and resources for growers trying to prepare for winter storms. Information on plant diseases to watch for in the coming months and management of these problems is also provided.

PDF 5/11/16
UCNFA News Fall 2015 Volume 19 issue 2 (2,782KB)

This newsletter issue focuses on the continuing drought and drought related issues that nursery operators in California face.

PDF 1/16/16
UCNFA News Spring 2015 Volume 19 issue 1 (6,023KB) PDF 5/26/15
UCNFA News Fall 2014 Volume 18 issue 3 (2,903KB) PDF 12/17/14
UCNFA News Summer 2014 Volume 18 issue 2 (2,957KB) PDF 7/18/14
UCNFA News Spring 2014 Volume 18 issue 1 (3,315KB) PDF 5/14/14
UCNFA News Fall 2013 Volume 17 issue 3 (2,751KB) PDF 1/24/14
UCNFA News Summer 2013 Volume 17 issue 2 (4,559KB) PDF 8/13/13
UCNFA News Spring 2013 Volume 17 issue 1 (4,983KB) PDF 5/20/13
UCNFA News Fall 2012 Volume 16 Issue 3 (1,293KB) PDF 11/29/12
UCNFA News Summer 2012 Volume 16 Issue 2 (3,002KB) PDF 7/2/12
UCNFA News Spring 2012 Vol 16 Issue 1 (18,529KB) PDF 4/5/12
UCNFA News Fall 2011 Vol 15 Issue 3 (4,666KB) PDF 10/14/11
UCNFA News Spring 2011 Vol 15 Issue 2 (616KB) PDF 5/25/11
LBAM Bait Traps Poster (125KB) PDF 5/5/11
UCNFA News Winter 2011 Vol. 15 Issue 1 (1,866KB) PDF 1/20/11
UCNFA News Spring 2010 Vol. 14 Issue 1 (509KB) PDF 7/9/10
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