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Editor's note

Newsletter 2017_Page_01
This newsletter issue focuses on the importance of  Phytophthora  and other root pathogens and how to manage these diseases in the nursery.

The heavy winter storms that persisted this past winter and spring brought welcome rains that filled reservoirs and aquifers. However, these conditions also optimized conditions for the “water mold” Phytophthora that is capable of rotting roots and killing many types of ornamentals and native plants. Phytophthora includes several species that are typically often found in nurseries and two new exotic species,  P. ramorum and P. tentaculata. All species are capable of causing widespread damage, especially if diseased plants are outplanted in wildland and forest areas. Three feature articles are included in this issue lead by Sims, Tjosvold and Downer on various aspects of Phytophthora and its control, as well as management of other root diseases. Moreover, a new disease, boxwood blight, has been discovered in Bay Area landscapes and is described in Tjosvold’s Regional Report.

♦ Steve Tjosvold and Julie Newman

In This Issue

Summer 2017 Edition (Volume 21, Issue 1)

Feature Articles

Phytophthora in Restoration and Forest Nurseries
by Laura Sims and Matteo Garbelotto

Phytophthora Crown and Root Rot Symptoms and Detection
by Steve Tjosvold, Laura Sims, and Matteo Garbelotto

Can Fresh Wood Chip Amendments Suppress Root Pathogens?
by Jim Downer


Get Cultured

Monitoring electrical conductivity of irrigation water and rooting media
by Donald J. Merhaut

UCCE Regional Report Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties

Summer 2017 Field observations: Boxwood blight found in Bay Area residential landscapes
by Steve Tjosvold

 CDFA Nursery Advisory Report 

CDFA Nursery Advisory Board Report Summer 2017
by Loren Oki

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