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Summer 2014 New Publications

Compiled by Steve Tjosvold

New Publications from UC Agriculture and Natural Resources


Container Nursery Production and Business Management Manual

Nursery manual cover
This colorful new manual includes research-based information on all aspects of production of landscape plants in commercial nurseries. Written primarily for wholesale nursery growers and propagators; a wide range of those involved in the nursery industry will find this a valuable reference.

Twenty chapters in five broad sections cover topics from nursery site selection to crop production, water management to business and labor management, along with pest, weed, and disease management. This easy-to-use manual contains the photos, tables and clearly written text that make UC ANR's publications the go-to references industry professionals rely upon.

Chapters include:
Nursery Site Selection and Development
Plant Growing Structures
Mechanization and Automation
Soils and Container Media
Nutrition and Fertilization
Irrigation Management Practices
Controlling Runoff and Recycling Water, Nutrients, and Waste
Plant Propagation
Controlling Plant Growth
Diagnosing Plant Problems
Integrated Pest Management
Plant Diseases
Insects, Mites, and Other Invertebrate Pests
Integrated Weed Management
Vertebrate Pest Management
Invasive Pests
Business Management
Marketing Considerations
Increasing Labor Productivity

Editor: Julie Newman
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