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Spring 2016 New Publications

Compiled by Steve Tjosvold

Soils in Urban Agriculture: Testing, Remediation, and Best Management Practices

This new free publication outlines strategies for urban soil contamination assessment, testing and remediation; explains best management practices for urban agriculture; and discusses municipal policy concerning safe soils for urban agriculture.

Authors: R. Surls, V. Borel, A. Biscaro
Publication Number: 8552

Pests of Landscape Trees and Shrubs, 3rd Edition

Completely revised and expanded, this comprehensive integrated pest management (IPM) resource is invaluable to nursery operators in identifying potential pest problems in the nursery and can be a complementary resource to Container Nursery Production and Business Management Manual, Pub 3540and Integrated Pest Management for Floriculture and Nurseries, Pub 3402. This easy-to-use guide covers hundreds of pests including insects, mites, nematodes, plant diseases and weeds. The book's 435 pages present practical experience and research-based advice on topics including use of pest-resistant plants, cultural practices that keep plants healthy, conserving natural enemies to biologically control pests, efficient pest monitoring and use of selective pesticides. $37.00.

Author: Steve H. Dreistadt
Publication Number: 3359

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