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Spring 2013 New Publications

Compiled by Steve Tjosvold

Mediación Interpersonal (2013, third edition)

This publication is now available in Spanish. It includes chapters on communication skills, dealing with disagreement and helping others resolve conflicts. $25

Author: G. Billikopf, UC Cooperative Extension 

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For more information call Marie Harter at 209-525-6800


Black Scale: Pest Notes for Home and Landscape 

Black scale causes economic damage to olive and citrus crops, and can also affect a large variety of fruit and nut trees and ornamental plants. Learn how to identify, manage and control this insect pest. 

Author:  E. J. Fichtner, M.W. Johnson

ANR Publication #74160



Goldspotted Oak Borer: Pest Notes for Home and Landscape 

Goldspotted oak borer attacks xylem and phloem layers near the base of oak trees and can girdle and kill mature oaks. A San Diego area pest, it may eventually spread to other areas of California. Learn identification and treatment methods. 

Author: M. L. Flint et al.

ANR Publication Number #74163



Poison Hemlock: Pest Notes for Home and Landscape 

The leafy parts of poison hemlock have some resemblance to those of its relatives carrot, celery, and parsnip, as well as a variety of leafy herbs. It is, however, toxic to humans and other animals. Learn how to manage this vigorous, competitive weed. 

Author: Ditomaso, Roncoroni, et al.

ANR Publication #74162



Ants: Pest Notes for Home and Landscape (Recently Updated)  

Ants are among the most prevalent pests in households and commercial buildings where they can find food and water. On outdoor (and sometimes indoor) plants, ants protect and care for honeydew-producing insects such as aphids, soft scales, whiteflies, and mealybugs, increasing damage from these pests. Ants also perform many useful functions in the environment, such as feeding on other pests (e.g., fleas, caterpillars, termites), dead insects, and decomposing tissue from dead animals. Also available in Spanish. 

Author: M. K. Rust, D.H. Choe

Publication #7411


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