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Fall 2012 New Publications

Compiled by Steve Tjosvold

IPM in Practice, Second Edition

This manual from the UC Statewide IPM Program is the most comprehensive, practical field guide ever developed for setting up and carrying out an IPM program in any type of crop or landscape. IPM in Practice features IPM strategies for weed, insect, pathogen, nematode, and vertebrate pests and provides specific information on how to set up sampling and monitoring programs in the field. This manual covers methods applicable to vegetable, field, and tree cops as well as landscape and urban situations. $35.00

Editor:  Mary Louise Flint

ANR Publication #3418



Deer Mouse: Pest Notes for Home and Landscape

The deer mouse carries hantavirus, which can be deadly to people. Searching for food, the mice enter houses and cabins through small holes and cracks, but what they leave behind can make you very ill. Learn to recognize, exclude, and control these pests.

Author: N. Quinn, R.A. Baldwin, and R. M. Timm

ANR Publication #74161



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