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Karrie Reid named environmental horticulture advisor in San Joaquin County

excerpt from ANR Report December 2010 (Vol. 24, No.6)

Karrie Reid

Karrie Reid joined ANR as the environmental horticulture advisor for San Joaquin County on Nov. 1. A native of the Stockton area, Reid will be working with public agencies, private companies, the nursery industry, and the general public on horticultural issues most critical to our urban environments. She will focus on water conservation, reduction of pollutants in urban runoff, best management practices for landscape maintenance and nursery production, reduction of green waste production and landfill disposal, and mitigation of urban landscapes’ negative impacts on neighboring non-urban environments (specifically the San Joaquin Delta watershed).

Prior to taking the Cooperative Extension position, Reid worked with Loren Oki, landscape horticulture specialist, in the UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences on two projects related to landscape water conservation and quality. On one of those projects, she ran irrigation and climate zone trials on landscape ornamental plants. In the other, she was looking at characterizing the constituents of urban runoff water from single-family homes and attempting to influence homeowner practices to mitigate the negative impacts to local waterways. Reid earned her bachelor’s degree in general biology from UC Santa Cruz and her master’s degree in plant science and ornamental horticulture from UC Davis.

Reid can be reached at (209) 953-6109 and skreid@ucdavis.edu.

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