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Spring 2016: UNCFA Program Representative position changes hands

In mid-April, program representative Julie Tillman left UCNFA to accept a position at the UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center. Although her time at UCNFA was brief, she very much enjoyed working with the program and group members.

Paulina Jacobs-Sanders
At the same time, UCNFA welcomes new program representative Paulina Jacobs-Sanders. She brings with her a diverse professional background encompassing both business and journalism, having previously owned a business in downtown Davis and worked as a journalist in Santiago, Chile. Paulina has a deep love of language and as a Spanish speaker, has incorporated the language at every opportunity, whether educating her daughters in Spanish, hosting happy hour events with Spanish speaking friends, or writing for publications in Spanish. She received her Masters in English from San Francisco State University, and moved to Davis to raise her family. As UCNFA’s program representative, she will be coordinating workshops and conferences, managing monthly administrative committee meetings, assisting with newsletter layout and production, and maintaining UCNFA’s web site and social media presence.
Webmaster Email: jtillman@ucdavis.edu