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Campus News/Research Updates

Fall 2016 (Volume 20, Issue 3)

Fall 2016 Campus News by Paulina Jacobs-Sanders

Winter 2015 (Volume 19, Issue 3)

Winter 2015: Campus News
Mike Parrella leaving UC Davis
Julie Tillman

Fall 2015 (Volume 19, Issue 2)

Retirements Announced
Linda Dodge and John Kabashima

Fall 2014 (Volume 18, Issue 3)

Fall 2014: Campus News 

New Weed Specialist at UC Riverside
by Don Merhaut

Asian Citrus Psyllid Online Course
by Matt Daugherty

Summer 2014 (Volume 18, Issue 2)

Summer 2014: Jim Bethke receives the 2014 CANERS Research Award
by Linda Dodge and Loren Oki

Fall 2013 (Volume 17, Issue 3)

Fall 2013: Research Update
by Karen Suslow

Fall 2013: Campus/Counties News
by Cheryl Wilen

Spring 2013 (Volume 17, Issue 1)

Spring 2013

CAMPUS RESEARCH UPDATE: The red palm weevil invasion in Laguna Beach
by Mark S. Hoddle

CAMPUS RESEARCH UPDATE: Managing Asian Citrus Psyllid Infestations in Nurseries
by Matt Daugherty

Summer 2012 (Volume 16, Issue 2)

Summer 2012
CAMPUS RESEARCH UPDATE: Is western flower thrips a single species?
by Mark S. Hoddle

Spring 2011 (Volume 15, Issue 2)

Spring 2011
Campus News from UC Davis and UC Riverside
Research Update: Rose Replant Problem Apparently of Biological Nature

Winter 2011 (Volume 15, Issue 1)

Winter 2011
Lily research for better nematode control using natural compounds
Dr. Deborah Mathews to speak at the Society of American Florists meeting in San Diego
Using solar power to its full advantage atop shadehouses

Spring 2010 (Volume 14, Issue 1)

Spring 2010
New genomics building opens on UC Riverside campus
Grant obtained for water management education programs
IPM websites available
Research Update: Use of capillary mats as a low-cost greenhouse runoff retention system

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