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Summer 2013: Dave Shaw Retirement News

Regional Report San Diego and Riverside Counties by James A. Bethke

James Bethke (left) presents a plaque to Dave Shaw (right) in recognition of over 30 years of service to UC.
James Bethke (left) presents a plaque to Dave Shaw (right) in recognition of over 30 years of service to UC.

I’m sure you have heard how our University of California workforce is aging and nearing retirement in mass. With the added difficulty of the budget battles in California, it has been difficult to replace all the knowledge base that we have lost. Unfortunately, our UC Cooperative Extension San Diego office staffing has been dwindling as well, and we recently lost a valuable member to retirement.

David Shaw has been with the University of California since 1983 and with our office since 1988. Dave has a master’s degree in water science and a bachelor’s degree in plant science from the University of California, Davis. He is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture, the International Society of Arboriculture - Western Chapter and the San Diego Golf Course Superintendents Association. 

Dave was very adept at assessing the needs of his clientele and presenting an exceptional set of educational programs for professionals in the landscape, turf grass and Christmas tree industries. His educational programs focused on soil and water management, pest management, cultural practices, toxicology and environmental safety, and economics to promote healthy plant materials and commodities. Through the years, his research projects encompassed recycled water use, irrigation needs of ornamental plants, integrated pest management and weed control. 

Dave helped build a reputation of excellence with local landscape and turf management professionals. Not only did he work with professional businesses, he always found the time to consult with private homeowners, using his knowledge and experience in landscape and turf management as well as irrigation, arboriculture, and insects and mites that affect plants. His vast knowledge of ornamental landscape plants and his expertise in irrigation management will be greatly missed.

Jim Bethke





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