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Regional Report Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties

Winter 2015 (Volume 19, Issue 3)

Winter 2015: Potential impact of El Niño on Phytophthora diseases
by Steve Tjosvold

Spring 2015 (Volume 19, Issue 1)

Spring 2015: Ramorum blight and how to keep it out of your nursery
by Steve Tjosvold

Spring 2015: Pathogen field test kits
by Steve Tjosvold


Summer 2014 (Volume 18, Issue 2)

Summer 2014: Retrospective on improving irrigation management
by Steve Tjosvold

Summer 2013 (Volume 17, Issue 2)

Summer 2013: Improving water quality with polyacrylamide (PAM) polymers
by Steve Tjosvold

Spring 2013 (Volume 17, Issue 1)

Spring 2013: LBAM field data available for Monterey Bay Area growers
by Steve Tjosvold

Fall 2012 (Volume 16, Issue 3)

Fall 2012: Ag economic issues and LBAM update
by Steve Tjosvold

Fall 2012 Field Observations: Fusarium Wilt
by Steve Tjosvold

Summer 2012 (Volume 16, Issue 2)

Summer 2012: New anthracnose disease on New Zealand flax
by Steve Tjosvold

Spring 2012 (Volume 16, Issue 1)

Spring 2012: Herbicides for vegetation control on roadsides
by Steve Tjosvold

Spring 2010 (Volume 14, Issue 1)

Spring 2010: Light brown apple moth: Now what happens to IPM?
by Steve Tjosvold

Spring 2010 Field Observations
Gladiolus Rust
by Steve Tjosvold

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