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Feature Stories

Winter 2015 (Volume 19, Issue 3)

Managing El Niño Storm Runoff
 Julie P. Newman, Don Merhaut, Darren Haver, John N. Kabashima and Ben Faber

Impacts of El Niño in 2016
by Julie P. Newman and Steve Tjosvold

Summer 2015 (Volume 19, Issue 2)

Reap Profits During Drought
by Julie P. Newman, James A. Bethke and Steve Tjosvold

Irrigating greenhouse and nursery crops based on soil moisture measurement
by Loren Oki

Spring 2015 (Volume 19, Issue 1)

Strategies for Diagnosing Abiotic and Biotic Problems
by Steve Tjosvold and Steve Koike


Summer 2014 (Volume 18, Issue 2)

Maintaining Irrigation Efficiency in Greenhouses and Nurseries
by Larry Schwankl, Richard Evans and Ben Faber

Leaching to Manage Salinity in Ornamental Crops
by Richard Evans

UC Resources Available to Assist California through the Drought
by Doug Parker and Faith Kearns

Spring 2014 (Volume 18, Issue 1)

The Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer: A New Tree Pest in Southern California
by John Kabashima and Monica Dimson

The Threat of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug to Nurseries and Floriculture
by Chuck Ingels

Management of the Bagrada Bug in Nurseries
by Darcy A. Reed, Julie P. Newman, Thomas M. Perring, James A. Bethke, John N. Kabashima 


Fall 2013 (Volume 17, Issue 3)

Nutrient Release from Controlled-Release Fertilizers in Nursery Production Systems
by Donald J. Merhaut, Eugene K. Blythe, Joseph P. Albano, and Julie P. Newman

Organic Nitrogen Fertilizers for Container Substrates
by Richard Evans

Summer 2013 (Volume 17, Issue 2)

Plant Selection for Vegetated Buffers: Plant Size vs Nutrient Uptake Efficiency
by Lea Corkidi, Donald J. Merhaut, Maren Mochizuki, Toan Khuong, Julie P. Newman, Oleg Daugovish, Ben Faber, José de Soto, Arturo A. Keller, María E. Sánchez-Coronado, Jeff Bohn, and Mike Evans

Update of Slow Sand Filtration Research
by Loren Oki

Spring 2013 (Volume 17, Issue 1)

Pesticide Use on the Decline in California Cut Flower Production: The Untold Story
by Michael Parrella, Christine Casey, Andrew Melicharek, Machiko Murdock
and Daniel Klittich

Progress in Managing Weeds, Mollusks and Vertebrates
by Cheryl Wilen

Summer 2012 (Volume 16, Issue 2)

Management of Downy and Powdery Mildews: Three New Diseases Hit California
by Deborah M. Mathews

Fall 2011 (Volume 15, Issue 3)

European Pepper Moth: A New Invasive Moth Threatens California Agriculture
by James A. Bethke and Bryan Vander Mey

Field Evaluation Of Insecticides To Control Light Brown Apple Moth
by Steve Tjosvold and Neal Murray

Spring 2011 (Volume 15, Issue 2)

Ecological approaches used in nurseries to treat water
by Lorence R. Oki and Sarah A. White

Spring 2010 (Volume 14, Issue 1)

Bedding Plant IPM in California
by Christine Casey and Michael Parrella

IPM Program update
by Cheryl wilen

Foliar Nematodes
by J. Ole Becker, Antoon T. Ploeg and Jennifer Smith Becker

The Farm Business and Market Place
by Laura Tourte

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