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UCNFA News is published by the University of California Nursery and Floriculture Alliance, a statewide partnership of researchers and educators, growers, floriculture associations and allied industry.

Reproducing and distributing material from this newsletter is encouraged provided credit is given to the author and UCNFA

UCNFA Directors:
Loren Oki, UC Cooperative Extension Specialist for Landscape Horticulture, UC Davis
David Fujino, Executive Director, California Center for Urban Horticulture (CCUH)

Managing Editor:
Steve Tjosvold, UC Cooperative Extension Advisor, Monterey & Santa Cruz counties

Julie Newman, UC Cooperative Extension Advisor, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, Emeritus Farm Advisor
Editorial Committee:
James Bethke, UC Cooperative Extension Advisor, San Diego County
Maria de la Fuente, UC Cooperative Extension Advisor, Santa Clara & San Benito counties
Don Merhaut, UC Cooperative Extension Specialist for Nursery and Floriculture Crops, UC Riverside
Deborah Mathews, UC Cooperative Extension Specialist for Plant Pathology, UC Riverside
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Leticia Macias, Program Representative UCNFA

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C/O Loren Oki
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