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Editor's note

Fall 2016 cover photo
                                                                                    This newsletter issue focuses on scouting and is the second part of a multiple-part series on IPM.

Two decades ago four farm advisors started the first IPM scouting demonstration programs in greenhouses and nurseries across California and the first statewide educational programs to train scouts. Today most ornamental production facilities have implemented scouting, but there are still improvements to be made. A recent case study jointly conducted by the Agricultural Issues Center and UCNFA showed that scouts in these nurseries were employees who did not have dedicated scouting responsibilities and their training was minimal. UC has repeatedly demonstrated that scouting programs can be economical and reduce pesticide use. However, to be effective you need a good scout — one that is well trained for the job and can do it consistently and regularly. So in this issue we review the basics of scouting and provide feature articles on monitoring for specific pests: pathogens, weeds, and insects and other invertebrates. In addition, we provide a fascinating look at the ways plants can monitor pests and defend themselves from these attackers in Science to the Grower.

♦ Steve Tjosvold and Julie Newman

In This Issue

Fall 2016 Edition (Volume 20, Issue 3)

Feature Articles

The Nuts and Bolts of Scouting
by Julie Newman

Scouting for diseases and environmental monitoring
by Steve Tjosvold

Scouting improves weed management
by Cheryl Wilen

Scouting for snails and slugs
by Cheryl Wilen

UC demonstrates benefits of a scouting program for insects and mites
by James A. Bethkes

Science to the Grower

Science to the Grower: Are plants intelligent enough to earn a scouting merit badge?
by Richard Evans

Insect Hot Topics

Insect hot topics: Chinese Rose Beetle
by James A. Bethke

UCCE Regional Report Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties

Fall 2016 Field Observations: Foamy bark canker and sudden oak death
by Steve Tjosvold

UCCE Regional Report San Diego and Riverside Counties

San Diego/Riverside: Salts at work again.
by James A. Bethke

Gleanings from Meetings 

CDFA nursery advisory board report Fall 2016
by James A. Bethke and Loren Oki

County and Campus News

Fall 2016 Campus News
submitted by Paulina Jacobs-Sanders

 New Publications

Fall 2016 New Publications
compiled by Steve Tjovold


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